Farming Guide for Dark Elixir the Easy Way

Farming Guide

Farming for Gold and Elixir can be pretty easy in almost all Trophy Ranges. But when you are looking for Dark Elixir its a different Story. You will find it to be much more demanding in the beginning, but I will share this Farming Guide with you on how to Farm the easy way.

It used to be you can find a few bases with a good amount of DE in their Storage, Use a few Lightning Spells, lose some trophies and move on. My favorite was using the Revenge feature to find those high level Town Halls and Lightning Spell their DE storage.

The new update prevents Any Storage, whether Gold, Elixir or Dark Elixir to be lost due to Lightning Spell Attacks. So we mostly had to update our farming guides. There’s always the old fashioned Giants, Wall Breakers and Wizards Strategy.

The best and most current method for farming I use is to increase the league you’re in. You can easily get 100-300 Extra Dark Elixir per win if you can get to the Crystal League. Its also the best league to be in if you plan on farming for a while.

Getting there can be achieved by pushing your trophies to above 2000. Believe me its very doable even at Town Hall Level 7! Keep in mind that you will also get a lot more Gold and Elixir when finding dead bases when you are a lower Town Hall. The farming will yield more Loot Overall compared to higher level Town Halls.

I know you will be able to find this farming guide helpful. You should see the results in just a few days or maybe even sooner. Just stay persistent and try not to fall back into the lower leagues. Get the and stay there! I will have a Farming Guide with more specific methods. Like how to get 8 million Gold and Elixir Daily. Farming Guide for Full Dark Elixir in 3 days.

If you want my method of getting to Crystal League easily read this.