Farming Guide for Dark Elixir the Easy Way

Farming Guide

Farming for Gold and Elixir can be pretty easy in almost all Trophy Ranges. But when you are looking for Dark Elixir its a different Story. You will find it to be much more demanding in the beginning, but I will share this Farming Guide with you on how to Farm the easy way.

It used to be you can find a few bases with a good amount of DE in their Storage, Use a few Lightning Spells, lose some trophies and move on. My favorite was using the Revenge feature to find those high level Town Halls and Lightning Spell their DE storage.

The new update prevents Any Storage, whether Gold, Elixir or Dark Elixir to be lost due to Lightning Spell Attacks. So we mostly had to update our farming guides. There’s always the old fashioned Giants, Wall Breakers and Wizards Strategy.

The best and most current method for farming I use is to increase the league you’re in. You can easily get 100-300 Extra Dark Elixir per win if you can get to the Crystal League. Its also the best league to be in if you plan on farming for a while.

Getting there can be achieved by pushing your trophies to above 2000. Believe me its very doable even at Town Hall Level 7! Keep in mind that you will also get a lot more Gold and Elixir when finding dead bases when you are a lower Town Hall. The farming will yield more Loot Overall compared to higher level Town Halls.

I know you will be able to find this farming guide helpful. You should see the results in just a few days or maybe even sooner. Just stay persistent and try not to fall back into the lower leagues. Get the and stay there! I will have a Farming Guide with more specific methods. Like how to get 8 million Gold and Elixir Daily. Farming Guide for Full Dark Elixir in 3 days.

If you want my method of getting to Crystal League easily read this.

When is the Best time to Farm? (Guide)

After several failed attempts to get the Gold and Elixir I needed to max out my storage, I started to try different times of the Day and Week to see if I get different results. I was able to narrow down the Best time to farm.

During these times I would be able to find Dead Bases more frequently as well as a lot more Slightly Dead Bases. The difference between the 2 types are basically, Slightly Dead Bases are ones that are active, but haven’t collected their resources for more than 12 hours.

Dead bases are more like “Abandoned” bases. They usually have the Gold mines and Elixir pumps completely Full. Their traps are never armed and the Clan Castle is always usually empty. These are what we will be looking for when farming.

I found that attacking on a Tuesday or Wednesday to be the best time to Farm and  find Dead bases. Saturday and Sunday finished in last place as far as Farming goes. These are the days of the week most players are either at work or at school. So they wont find the time to collect the pumps.

As for the times, it didn’t make a huge difference. It all depends on when they were last attacked and how long their shield was.

So try these days for Farming and you will see the results for yourself. Of course a good Farming tip is to always Gem your Barracks when you start and try to dedicate at least 2 hours for attacking. Always be prepared by taking all of your troops with you. A good combination is Archers and Barbs, about 50/50 of each. Don’t forget to have your CC filled as well.

If you find yourself low on Gems, you can use the different achievements to get gems. Don’t bother with the sites that offer “Free Gems” or “Gem Hacks”. They are all Fake!

Higher League the Easy Way (Guide)

clash of clans league levels

Higher League the Easy Way (Guide)

Getting to a higher League has a lot of benefits. The most important is the amount of Loot Bonus you get. Another benefit is you will get higher level bases to attack and if you’re Town Hall 7 or 8 you will reap the benefits of more loot from bases higher than you.

Can you get there though if you’re still Town Hall 7? Of course you can. Just start by designing your base with the TH heavily protected. Believe me you will start getting Trophies just from defense wins. Don’t worry about your Storages. Since they have higher Health, you should use them to occupy the attacking troops while your defenses blast them away.

So try and position the Storages close to the outer walls, but within the range of your Mortars and Wizard Towers. You won’t lose much in resources if you’re a lower TH, but you will gain many Defense wins and get to the higher league faster, sometimes even overnight!

That’s the easiest and quickest way to get to a higher League. Take advantage of your Town Hall level. Lower Town Halls will be able to Loot more Gold and Elixir.

Don’t underestimate your defense! Even at lower levels, winning defenses is not difficult. Just focus on protecting your Town Hall. Try not to worry about your resources. You can get what you lose easily once you’re in the higher leagues.

Of course you can also get to the higher Leagues by Sniping Town Halls and winning battles. All you need is a few archers, maybe 5 per Town Hall, and some patience. I highly recommend this method only if you have some Gold to spare. you will have to pass up a lot of bases that don’t have the TH outside.

Be careful of Tombstones around the TH. That’s a sign that the Town Hall is booby trapped with Teslas and Bombs. If you’re in doubt just move on to the next base. Avoid losing battles unless you find a dead base. Then you can try following this Post on How to Snipe Bases with minimal troops.