Clash of Clans Birthday Cake Bonus

5 Year Clash of clans gift

Clash of Clans Birthday Cake Bonus

Today we celebrate Clash of Clans 5th Birthday. Supercell has some gifts in store for us and some hidden gems we need to find. Firstly as we all expected, we now have the 1 Gem boost on all our resource collectors. Clash of clans always provides us with Gem boosts during anniversary celebrations. But this is the 5 year Anniversary for Clash of clans. Clash of Clans is their milestone Game. The 1 Gem 24hr. Resource Boost is just a teaser to get things rolling.

The other gifts are more hidden and will rarely be seen by many. Be sure to take screenshots and share the secret Gems you find during the 5 year Anniversary hype.

5 Year Anniversary Birthday Cake

5 Year Clash of clans Cake

Here is a screenshot of the 5 year clash of clans birthday cake. It costs 25,000 Elixir to remove and gives you 75,000 Gold + 75,000 Elixir. Still not what we are expecting from the 5th anniversary celebrations, but it’s a start. I’m not sure it’s even worth removing it. 

Force the 5 year anniversary Cake to spawn Where you want

The 5 year anniversary cake is a once in a lifetime obstacle, if you’re into saving them. Make sure to set up your base without leaving any 2 gaps like the picture below. This way you can dictate where you want the anniversary cake to spawn.

leave no room base for special obstacle spawn

This player only wants to leave Special obstacles on the sides of the base. You’re chances of the cake spawning are higher if you remove the other junk. If you notice he left a blank space next to the gold mine, to show how much room is needed for the 5 year anniversary cake to spawn. it only needs a 2×2 blank area. So adjust accordingly.

With the setup above, you can basically force any obstacle to spawn where you want. Show off your Rare obstacle collection with style. Of course you might sacrifice some defense losses, but it worth it in the long run.

Want to get the $19.99 Clashiversary Pack for free?

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Clash of Clans 5 Year Anniversary

Clash of Clans 5 Year Anniversary

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to all my Clash of Clans mates!

Come join us as we celebrate the 5 year Anniversary for Clash of Clans. Today marks the 5th anniversary of Clash of Clans with several events from Supercell. You will be able to take advantage of the Clashiversary Pack for $19.99. You get the following with the Clashiversary Pack…

  • 10,000,000 in Gold
  • 10,000,000 in Elixir
  • 150,000 in Dark Elixir
  • 2,500 Gems

I am going to let you in on how to get the Clashiversary Pack for FREE! This also works for Gems and is totally 100% Safe and Legit. Use the links below and be eligible for Signup bonuses.

Method – Swagbucks

The first method to getting the Clashiversary Pack without paying for it is Swagbucks. This method is great because you will be able to get 2 or more of the Bonus Clash of Clans 5 years Anniversary Pack. I’ll explain a bit more on what you can do to take advantage of this offer. If done quickly, you will be able to get the Clashiversary Pack before it expires. Then you can keep earning from Swagbucks afterwards and buy Gems at the normal prices.

You will get a $5 Signup bonus just for registering with them using this link or the banner. Then you start earning Cash, Gift Cards or points that you can use immediately to get the Clashiversary Pack.

Clashiversary Pack free with Swagbucks
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A single Survey you complete can earn you up-to $35. Add that to the $5 Signup bonus and you will be able to get not only one but 2 Clashiversary Packs. That’s with Swagbucks Alone. I will include some other methods later on, but for now, you should hurry and take advantage of this method quickly.

Here’s the official 5 year Anniversary Video released today. Stay tuned for updates and soon to be released Bonuses.

When is the Best time to Farm? (Guide)

After several failed attempts to get the Gold and Elixir I needed to max out my storage, I started to try different times of the Day and Week to see if I get different results. I was able to narrow down the Best time to farm.

During these times I would be able to find Dead Bases more frequently as well as a lot more Slightly Dead Bases. The difference between the 2 types are basically, Slightly Dead Bases are ones that are active, but haven’t collected their resources for more than 12 hours.

Dead bases are more like “Abandoned” bases. They usually have the Gold mines and Elixir pumps completely Full. Their traps are never armed and the Clan Castle is always usually empty. These are what we will be looking for when farming.

I found that attacking on a Tuesday or Wednesday to be the best time to Farm and  find Dead bases. Saturday and Sunday finished in last place as far as Farming goes. These are the days of the week most players are either at work or at school. So they wont find the time to collect the pumps.

As for the times, it didn’t make a huge difference. It all depends on when they were last attacked and how long their shield was.

So try these days for Farming and you will see the results for yourself. Of course a good Farming tip is to always Gem your Barracks when you start and try to dedicate at least 2 hours for attacking. Always be prepared by taking all of your troops with you. A good combination is Archers and Barbs, about 50/50 of each. Don’t forget to have your CC filled as well.

If you find yourself low on Gems, you can use the different achievements to get gems. Don’t bother with the sites that offer “Free Gems” or “Gem Hacks”. They are all Fake!