TH 9 3 Star Clan War Strategy

We are going to examine a bit of TH 9 War strategy as well as how to get the all important 3 stars. Some players agree that TH9 is one of the funner Town Halls to play. Given the large variety of attack methods you can use to get 3 stars. So instead of focusing on only one TH9 strategy, I’ll list a few and explain several different tactics as well.

  1. Golem, Lava Hounds & Loons
  2. AQ Healer Combo + Hogs, Valkyries and Golem

Golem, Lava Hounds & Balloons

This is a fantastic hybrid attack. Although you may find it quite tough to use due to the amount of units. The idea is to start with Golems and Wizards along with the your Heroes to destroy the Air Defenses. Keep in mind, you also need to take care of the enemy Clan Castle troops.
After that it’s a basic LaLoon attack. Use the Lava Hounds as tanks, then deploy the Balloons behind them. Throw your Rage and Haste spells in their path. Enjoy watching them demolish the defenses with their splash damage. Keep a few archers to start clearing the remaining buildings left by the Balloons.TH 9 3 Star Clan War Strategy

AQ + Healer Combo

This is a cool attack that can even be helpful at TH 10. The Archer Queen and Healer attack is strong at most levels, not only TH 9. But at TH 9 along with enough healers, the Archer Queen can wipe out the whole side of the base. She can clear a path for the Barb King, Golems and archers to dive into the core. Use Hog Riders to destroy defenses from the sides. Finally you should have some archers (about 10) to Snipe any far buildings there might be. If your AQ gets too low on health, throw a Rage spell on her and the healers to help keep her alive. But don’t be a derp and use her ability too early.