TH 9 3 Star Clan War Strategy

We are going to examine a bit of TH 9 War strategy as well as how to get the all important 3 stars. Some players agree that TH9 is one of the funner Town Halls to play. Given the large variety of attack methods you can use to get 3 stars. So instead of focusing on only one TH9 strategy, I’ll list a few and explain several different tactics as well.

  1. Golem, Lava Hounds & Loons
  2. AQ Healer Combo + Hogs, Valkyries and Golem

Golem, Lava Hounds & Balloons

This is a fantastic hybrid attack. Although you may find it quite tough to use due to the amount of units. The idea is to start with Golems and Wizards along with the your Heroes to destroy the Air Defenses. Keep in mind, you also need to take care of the enemy Clan Castle troops.
After that it’s a basic LaLoon attack. Use the Lava Hounds as tanks, then deploy the Balloons behind them. Throw your Rage and Haste spells in their path. Enjoy watching them demolish the defenses with their splash damage. Keep a few archers to start clearing the remaining buildings left by the Balloons.TH 9 3 Star Clan War Strategy

AQ + Healer Combo

This is a cool attack that can even be helpful at TH 10. The Archer Queen and Healer attack is strong at most levels, not only TH 9. But at TH 9 along with enough healers, the Archer Queen can wipe out the whole side of the base. She can clear a path for the Barb King, Golems and archers to dive into the core. Use Hog Riders to destroy defenses from the sides. Finally you should have some archers (about 10) to Snipe any far buildings there might be. If your AQ gets too low on health, throw a Rage spell on her and the healers to help keep her alive. But don’t be a derp and use her ability too early.

Dragon Attack Guide

clash of clans dragon attack guide dragon stats

All Dragon Attack Guide

The Dragon unit is the most dominant flying unit in the game! It can attack both air and ground troops. It has a huge amount of HP and does a ton of damage. With the latest Clash of Clans update from Supercell, Dragons can go as High as Level 5. So here is an All Dragon Attack Guide to help you adjust to the changes.

Looking at the current stats of the Dragon unit in the table below, we can tell that they didn’t really increase that much between level 4 and level 5.

clash of clans dragon stats

Not only that, but the new Air Sweeper building was added as well. The Air Sweeper is the new Dragon Slayer, and will wreak havoc if you underestimate there distance.

Many times do I see helpless Dragons being pushed back and Slowly flying back to attack. I have also seen them being pushed so far back, they attack different buildings. So for now I would advise against attacking with all Dragons, even at max Level.

There are always those bases that are perfect for an All Dragon Attack. Things you will look for are, low level Air Defense, that includes low level Air sweeper too. There are also the bases that have everything “clumped” together, that makes for an easy target for an all dragon attack.

Does this mean Dragons are useless? Absolutely Not! With the introduction to the Dark Spells Factory and the Poison Spell, Dragons are a must for the CC now. Especially in Clan Wars where CC troops are lured out and melted Alive by the Poison Spell. The Dragon will stand Strong and defend like a Champ.


The Dragons were slightly upgraded but have a new arch enemy. Supercell will most likely balance them out in the upcoming update. We will wait and see when Super Cell brings back the Glory for the Great Dragon unit or it will only be an excellent choice in CC.

Winning Clan Wars (Guide)

Why is it so difficult to win in Clan Wars? Well here’s an easy strategy that you can follow that will improve your Clan War record. Of course I only recommend it after I have used this strategy myself and my clan mates love it. It will take some synchronizing with each other and some planning. But once your clan gets used to attacking this way it will be second nature for you.

There are 2 main types of Clans that attack in wars. The clan that sets up a war when everyone is ready and eager to win, and then there is the clan that randomly starts wars. Don’t be that clan that starts war without proper planning. You don’t want to be the only one donating to the Clan Castles or having several players in the war not even using a single attack. Use the clan mail to give a heads up to your clan mates a day or two before starting the war search. This will ensure that they have enough time to remove themselves from war, maybe delay the Barbarian King or Archer Queen upgrade till after the war, or simply just having enough Elixir to donate some good troops.

After you have you are matched with an opposing clan is when the real difference between winning and losing comes. Always have a plan of attack! Don’t allow anyone attack without “calling” the base they are targeting. This will lead to high level players attacking low level player and low level villages attacking higher bases (going for Loot). In the end the outcome will be a disaster. So always have a plan of attack and set goals for your clan-mates.

Here is an example of setting goals that we use… Each player is encouraged to attack the opposing Town Hall that is 2-3 levels below them. So if I am number 4, I should try and attack number 6 or 7. If each player can get 3 stars on the assigned opponent, that will leave the top 2 or 3 bases. You pretty much won the war by now with multiple attacks still not used. Now your clan can go for the higher Town Halls for loot and use this to practice they’re attacking strategies without effecting the outcome of the war.

Finally if you have that one or 2 “Co-Leaders” that don’t follow these simple rules. Think about taking their “Co-Leader” status away from them. Try to build momentum when attacking and encourage everyone to participate, even the Low level Town Halls.